Sunday, 14 July 2013


Yesterday I had a great time shopping in Watertown and going out for lunch with my Dad. Luckily my passport came back to me in time! I've been looking for some new pieces for my 'Teacher Wardrobe". I managed to find 3 nice pairs of dark wash jeans. I would like to hear the opinion of some of you who have been in the profession for a while, dark wash jeans - are these 'professional' enough to wear to work?

Today I've been working on more paperwork(When will it end?!). I scanned a number of documents including my diplomas and Visa to send to my agency, as well as application forms for my umbrella pay roll company. Due to the fact that I will essentially be a kind of 'free lance' worker under my teaching agency I need to sign up with an umbrella corporation to handle my pay roll and such. The good thing about this is that they help you get a number of deductions from your taxes (while overseas I will be responsible for paying UK taxes)including travel and accommodations. As well, the company helps to quickly set up a UK bank account for me. This is very helpful as opening a new bank account in a foreign country can be quite an ordeal(essentially, you need proof of a UK address to open the bank account, and in order to rent a flat you need to show proof of having a bank account!).

Today I also want to start scanning some of my resources to have digital copies when I go to the UK. Books can be super heavy, so instead I am planning on taking a few small hard drives with my essential school resources on them to print off when I need them. I just need to find the motivation to sit at the scanner for a few hours to get it done.


  1. Hi

    I am a British primary school teacher.

    It will depend greatly on the dress policy of the school but usually jeans wouldn't be acceptable.

    If however they aren't obviously jeans (due to being so dark) then they may be alright.

    I hope you have a great time teaching in the UK.
    Kelly x