Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Worldly Wednesday: Canada/Ecuador

Well, I've survived the heat today, I was half-expecting to melt into a puddle on the pavement. I'm looking forward to the impending thunder storm we are supposed to receive.

My Mom just got back from a trip to Halifax and brought me the most darling earrings.
They are sea turtles! I love them so much. I'm wondering if there is a correlational effect between my love of animal shaped earrings, and being a primary/junior teacher?
While we are on the topic of adorable animal shaped earrings, here are a pair of parrots I picked up in Banos, Ecuador.

I can't wait to wear them to school!

So, as I begin making preparations for my big trip in September I am still slightly unsure about a few things. Most importantly, where I will be living. If I stick with my supply teaching contract (which guarantees me at least 4 days of work a week) I will end up moving to the beautiful coastal town of Lowestoft, Sufolk. However, I've been made aware of a possible long term position in a lovely looking school in Corrington, Essex. I'm torn as to what to do. I would love to be able to settle right into my own classroom and find a place to live close by, it would also be nice to have some time supply teaching to accustom myself to the curriculum differences in the UK.

If any of you know anything about either location, I would love to hear your opinion.
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  1. I love your earrings, Melissa! Both jobs sound good for different reasons. I suppose if you want to stay with the supply teaching contract, there will be opportunities for long term positions in the future. However, it sure is fun to set up your own classroom right away. Good luck with your decision!

  2. Melissa, if you don't mind me asking, are you going through an organization to teach abroad?

    Good luck with your travels, England is beautiful! My husband is from London, and it has become by far, my favorite city!

  3. Thanks Mrs. Thorne. I am going and working through an organization (a teaching agency).

  4. Thanks Nicci! My rep called me this morning, the long term placement won't work because the school requires a face-to-face interview as opposed to Skype. She is still looking for long term placements for me though!

  5. Do you mind if I ask what Agency you are going through? I've looked into a couple before coming across your blog. I always find it better to hear actually from someone that has worked with an agency, vs. reading the reviews online.