Monday, 9 September 2013

Monday Made It #3

Today I'm linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics for my third Monday Made it!

Last fall I lived with a family while I was in teachers college. A few months after I moved out I heard that their daughter was pregnant. Since we had become good friends while I was living there, I decided to make my very first baby blanket! My mom is big into quilting and always puts together a blanket any time someone has a baby. 

I found this really cute Precious Moments baby jungle animals fabric, and set to work.

Here is the finished product

I was down to the wire finishing it since I was also preparing to move, so I didn't get any 'in the process' pictures. As you can tell by here face, she really loved it.

Thanks for taking a look! I can't wait to see what you've made this week!

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  1. That is so, so, so cute!!!! Great work!

  2. This quilt is wonderful! I'm so impressed! I wish I was more creative.

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  3. Beautiful quilt, Melissa! You are very talented!
    Grade 4 Buzz