Saturday, 7 September 2013

Saturday Snapshots

It's the weekend! That's probably more exciting for those of you who are back to work. I'm patiently waiting for my start date (a week from Monday) to begin supplying in local schools. I went into Norwich to meet my consultant (more on that Wednesday) and he told me that I already have a day booked with a school!

Anyways, that's not why you're here. You're here to see the beautiful pictures I'm going to post for Run Miss Nelson's Got the Camera's Saturday Snapshots!

I will be posting my pictures from Norwich on Wednesday for Worldly Wednesday (come back and check it out!), but for today I want to share some pictures taken around Lowestoft and Oulton Broad. Enjoy!

These pictures were taken in the market at the Britten Market in Lowestoft

The bridge over the broads lifting to let a boat through.

The park near my house.

My train stop.

Have a brilliant weekend, I can't wait to see all your beautiful snaps!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Melissa! Do you start school soon? I miss you.
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Lisa, I start supplying on the 16th. School here started on Monday or Tuesday. I miss you too!

  2. I loved looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  3. It's so neat looking at your pictures. I wish I liked to fly. I've never been out of the US.