Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Worldly Wednesday: Oulton Broad, United Kingdom

Happy Worldly Wednesday everyone! I hope you've all had a good start to your weeks. I've had quite a tiring a stressful one myself. Now, without further ado, today's Worldly Wednesday.

 So, Sunday we set off towards the Toronto airport (Pearson International) around 1:00PM. Here is all of my luggage in the back of the car.

We stopped for a bite to eat (myself, my Nanny, and my parents)and then made our way to the ticket desk, and through security. We had a long time to wait at the airport as the lines were much shorter than we anticipated. Our plane boarded around 8:50PM. Here is a photo of my Nanny (who accompanied me and is staying with me for a week) and myself on the plane before take-off. It was her first time on an airplane!


Just landed in London, England. This was the airline we flew with, British Airways.

Welcome to London! This was taken inside of Heathrow Airport, where we failed to find the taxi driver my agency had sent to meet us. Luckily someone was kind enough to lend us their phone so I could call and get in touch. Shortly after this we found our driver.

In the taxi driving on the left side of the road!

On the way to Oulton Broad.

Beautiful stonework on the bridge near my house.

My new home for the next 10-11 months! My room is the window on the upper left hand side, it's so cozy.

The stained glass window in my bathroom. I tried the shower out for the first time last night, the water never got all that warm but I figured that was just something I was going to have to live with. Later today my landlord came up to us and said that she had just found out the water heater was broken. Hooray for hot showers (hopefully the heater will be fixed tomorrow) I wasn't looking forward to having Riobamba reminiscent showers (I even bought dry shampoo today because of it). 

Yesterday afternoon Nanny and I took a walk down by the Broads. There were a number of swans hanging around.

Look how happy I am to see swans! That or maybe I was just so tired I'd become delirious...

Me and some new swan friends.

a boat docked near the bridge.

The broads looking over the bridge.


 Guess what we had for dinner? The fish pieces we got were HUGE! It was very good but I couldn't finish all my food.

Today we took the bus into Lowestoft, which is the main part of town. This Alice in Wonderland tea cup ride was on a pedestrians only road lined with shops.

Nan and I walked down to the sea, this is the coast of the North Sea.

That's all I have for now. I'm still quite jet-lagged, so I apologize for my brief post. I'll try to make a more exciting one next week.

I hope you all have a marvelous Wednesday and link up with your own fun stories!

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